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Motherfucking Pi(e) Day
Publish: 2024-03-14 20:20:00
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Well, happy pi day!!

How was yours? Wanna hear about mine (warning: you don't)? Well, sorry for the TMI, but that's how this one's gonna go. Why? Because my day started like most any other day. Woke up and shortly thereafter, found myself sitting on the toilet enjoying the morning pooping.

Once finished, in one ninja-like sweeping act of grace I stood up, pulled up my pajama bottoms, and rotated 165 degrees to reach for the handle to flush. In an equally graceful act my phone, snuggled safely in my pocket, took advantage of the opporunity and leapt straight into the toilet.

Into the toilet. Pre flush. Yes.

You know what I did? Without missing a beat a lunged in after it, grabbed it out, wrapped it in my hand towel (eww) and then immediately placed it in rice. The phone's not water resistant to beginwith, and the huge cracks in my screens won't make it better. The phone is almost for sure dead.

Mother. Fuck. Bitch.

I've been awake for like 15 minutes at this point.

Now, to be honest, I don't actually give a shit about pi day (BTW, if you're wondering, March 14th (3/14) is "pi day" since pi is 3.14). But we're in the time of year where the sunny days are just now coming back and today is a spectacularly beautiful one. I did think it would be fun to take a walk and maybe find out if some local bakery or something had some good pie specials.

That was before the poop phone.

So, I go online and spend a few hours reading up reviews and whatever to figure out what's a reasonable mid-level phone I can just go get at Best Buy. I don't wanna wait for an online order, it's not that important (my phone isn't super fancy anyway).

OK, got it figured out. There's a comparable phone and it's actually on sale. Shower. Get Dressed. Hop in the car to head to Best Buy.

As I begin to back out from my parking spot I realize one of my tires is flat. Not low. Not really low. Flat. Dead.




While this blows ass, the timing is actually a quite nice as it relates to the blog and the adventure ahead. I'll cover it in more detail in some future post, I'm sure, but the short & skinny is that I've spent the last 2+ years tearing through the bulk of my life savings as I've pursued my own entrepreneurial endeavors (this is is really giving me a lot of credit, but for now let's roll with it). As I'm looking to go another 2.5 years without working, and also paying for grad school along the way, money is going to become a critical resource.

Today's wonderful luck is going to cost me $600 or more between the phone and replacing two tires (I'm replacing both front tires). It's sucks and whatever, but I just paid it because what else am I going to do? Well... this sexy old man used to be a poor young boy, and I remember how to live on a budget and also how much fun it's not.

Days like today do make me question whether or not I have another one of these adventures in me.

I've got a job interview next week, and the job pays about 150% what my starting salary would be after I got the MS in Data Science. I'm almost for sure not going to take it, if offered, as I'm mostly commited to the grad school push at this point. But days like today... I don't know.

Some days I feel so young, and some days I feel so old. When I'm feeling young, two years sound like a snap of the fingers. When I'm feeling old, being almost 50 and starting a new career path.... oof.

Whatever happens one thing I do know: keep the fucking phone out of the toilet!

Happy Pi Day. 🙂

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