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No More Wordpress
Publish: 2024-03-13 00:31:00
Categories: life

So my previous blog, the "Life 2.0" blog, was hacked. This was a long time ago, but yeah, it was hacked some time after I stopped blogging, and therefore stopped updating Wordpress, the underlying blog software. So, overtime, the site became more & more outdated.

In the security world, this also means it stopped receiving security fixes and so it was only a matter of time before some bot crawled my site, found the outdated software, and poof - hacked!

This is why I ended up taking the blog down, actually. It was easier to just pull it down than take the time to figure out what they broke and get things working again. As the blog was defunct by that point, there was no reason to put in that effort.

Well... so here I go again. I did think of just installing the latest Wordwpress software and going that route again. But for a few reasons, the hack being one of them, I decided to pull the same sort of bullshit I always pull and just say, "fuck it, I'll do it myself!". So, here we go. 🙂

If you're reading this, then we're online! Wooo!! I decided to write my own blog software. I have no plans of making it as fancy as Wordpress or anything, but I do want a few features that WP doesn't have. Also, since I'm rolling my own, it's not going to have the same sort of security issues that the original had; I'm expecting this will allow the blog to just sit around and pollute the net forever when I abandon this one. 🙂

But yeah, I'm going to be working on this as we go. I need to get categories and tags working. And maybe, just maybe, I'll add a log-in system. I wasn't going to, because I wasn't going to add a comments section, but I'm thinking now I might for reasons too boring to discuss this early on (I commit to nothing!).

Another thing about the original blog... I still have it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 But... it's just a hard dump of the database that I took before taking down the old site. What this means, is that I'll have to extract the data and convert to this site's format. When I do that, I do plan on bringing it back. It'll be a separate URL, but it'll be here somewhere.

If anything here is broken, or just plain sucks, please do let me know.

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