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Hold That U-Haul - Maybe
Publish: 2024-04-30 18:12:26
Categories: grad school

Well, the University of Washington has emailed me to officially remove me from the wait list...


Haha, wow. A roller coaster, right? 😂

So... what does this actually mean? It means I'm going to UW now, right? Honestly... I don't know. This is all just happening and I wanted to share it as it's going down... but I gotta figure it out now.

I mean, technically, I'm still waiting to hear back from CUNY, and I have several other acceptances. But mentally, I've been shifting into a University of Michigan state of mind. With everything associated with the Dearborn / Ann Arbor debacle having been worked out, it started to feel like the best option. Now... well..

Well, I won't say anymore. I literally just found out. So.. for now: woo! But... next up: time to decide.

The tanks been getting fueled up... we've got our launch coordinates... launch site is almost finalized... I don't know, blast off seems pretty fucking imminent... 😀

25 👀



one day. possibly.