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FAFSA: complete
Publish: 2024-04-29 17:55:00
Categories: grad school

While I have yet to figure out what school I'm actually going to be attending, there's still one last piece of the puzzle that needed to fall in place, my student loan application - aka the FAFSA.

Well, I got an email from the gov' telling me that my application has been processed! Yay! 😀

I logged in and checked. Sure enough, "status: processed".

That's it. 'Processed'. 😐

You know, maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, but I thought when I applied for student loans during my undergrad, each year it was awarded I was told how much money was being awarded. However, when I check now, the Student Aid website just says I've been awarded "up to $20,000"... which is the stated max on the Student Aid website anyway.

The site does say that I should check with my school for the exact details, so maybe that's how it went down during undergrad and I just don't remember. However, since I don't have a school yet, I don't actually know what's available to me.

I think I mentioned this already in 'I Got The Money', but to repeat, at the start of this craziness, I viewed the FAFSA as a gating factor - determining whether or not I can afford to do this. But (as I've also covered) at this point I think I've decided this is happening no matter what. So... while I'd like to have this settled and ironed out, I won't sweat it too much.

For now, I'm assuming the financial aid will be there. If it is, great... if it's not, not so great but it's not going to derail anything.

We march forward. 🙂

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